About is one of a range of decentralised applications that use the crowd-sourced liquidity pool. was created with the vision to allow for fraud-free and broker-free retail trading around the world. Its utility and dividend tokens went live on the following exchanges::

You can get in touch with our Investor Relations team at [email protected] where Ian Buck, our head of investor relations will be happy to answer your questions about as an investment. Please note, we will never give investment advice or give any altered forecasts other than what is publicly listed here.


Please click here in order to login to the rewards portal and here in order to create an account. Please note that this portal requires different credentials than the trading platform.

Regulatory notice

Trading on or holding either SXUT or SXDT is strictly forbidden for U.S citizens. Participation rights do not apply to U.S citizens. This website uses an I.P block to ensure U.S citizens do not access it. If you are here and are from the U.S, you are in direct contravention of this website and's terms and conditions. Investing in any token or security or trading on the is high risk. Seek professional financial advice first before attempting to do so.



The following contains forward looking statements but is not investment advice. This is a projected guidance and can be subject to significant deviation. For fiscal year 1 (ended March 2019), the group expects a total of 3,000 traders to be added to the trading platform with an approximate traded volume of $79.2 million. For the SXDT participation withdrawal procedure please access this link. Split out by quarter, the group expects the first quarter to be a quieter one with the platform being scaled up and any early teething issues to be ironed out. Ramp-up is expected in the later quarters. The following is the guidance, by quarter, for the number of projected traders to be added:

At the end of each quarter, the management team will hold a live, recorded conference call to discuss the progression of with Spectre Platform users.



Contact us here for more information on how to get started, whether as a trader or affiliate. Please allow 24 hours for responses.