The world's first broker-less financial trading platform

The future of Digital Options, Forex and CFD trading is here. SPECTRE, short for speculative tokenised trading exchange, is a financial prediction market platform backed by a tokenised liquidity pool. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, SPECTRE's platform combined with the decentralised and autonomous liquidity pool owned by the token sale investors takes the broker out of the equation completely resulting in a revolutionary change in the trading world and a new level of transparency. Find out more here.


Key Features

The following are the two major disruptive features SPECTRE brings to the trading world.

Tokenised Balance Sheet & Dividends

SPECTRE's unique tokenised balance sheet model allows traders to trade 24 hours a day, acting as counter party to all trades, where applicable. has two token-classes; a utility-token and dividend-token. The pool pays out 2% dividends to dividend-token holders and 2% to the SPECTRE team as a technology fee, each time the trader takes a trade. The group uses 3% of revenues to purchase utility-tokens on an ongoing basis, causing utility-token-price appreciation. All transactions are governed by smart contracts meaning that the broker is completely removed out of the equation ensuring a new level of trust and transparency in financial trading.

Adaptive Trading Platform

Unlike trading platforms out there today (such as MT4/MT5/Spot Option/Techfinancials e.t.c), SPECTRE has a range of trader protection algorithms which help with emotion control, risk management, trade opportunity recognition and the ability to track one's stats including strengths and weaknesses through time. SPECTRE learns the trader's weaknesses over time and alerts them when they are about to make a silly mistake.


The SPECTRE team has an 8 stage roadmap, spanning around 3 years. This is summarised below and more information can be found about it in the whitepaper.

Q4 2016
  • Market Research
  • Technical Feasibility Assessment
  • Team Setup
Q2 2017
  • SPECTRE Development
  • Private Alpha
Q4 2017
  • Smart Contracts
    Security Audits
  • Token Pre-sale
  • Token Public-sale
  • Public Beta with
    Testnet Integration
Q2-Q4 2018
  • New Assets and Trade Types
  • EU MIFID Compliant Regulatory
    License (FCA, CySEC, BAFIN or other)
  • Forex & CFD Trading
Q1 2017
  • Interactions with Forex and
    Digital Options Community
  • MVP Development
  • Feedback & SPECTRE Pivot to
Q3 2017
  • Smart Contract
  • SPECTRE Dapp Smart
    Contract Development
  • Public Alpha
Q1 2018
  • Dapp Smart Contracts,
    Dapp and Servers
    Security Audits
  • Mainnet Integration
  • Product Launch
  • Marketing & Acquisitions
  • Trademark Application
Q1-Q2 2019
  • Automated Order Matching
  • DApp Store

The Team

The SPECTRE team has significant financial engineering experience across a range of asset classes with a focus on FX, equities and digital options. Our technical team consists of full-stack developers and blockchain gurus who help with all phases of re-purposing trading platforms for the Ethereum blockchain, token engineering and token audit. Our commercial team has significant experience in launching and scaling up a range of technology businesses.



Chief Executive Officer

Kay is responsible for overseeing the design, architecture and expansion of SPECTRE into the market. He is a co-founder of Neuchatel Ltd and FIIT, the companies behind SPECTRE and an avid blockchain enthusiast. He started working at J.P Morgan and then went to work for Goldman Sachs as Executive Director in Research and Investment. He started his career by studying at the London School of Economics, where he received a BSc and then an MSc in Decision Sciences.



Chief Operating Officer

Zisis is responsible for financial forecasting and risk management in SPECTRE's liquidity pool. He too is a co-founder of Neuchatel Ltd, the company behind SPECTRE and formerly worked at INO SA & Siemens, designing and implementing their ERP software. He is an electrical engineer with a passion for mathematics, modelling, big-data, and is a certified Quantitative Finance & Risk Modeller from Wharton, University. He received his MSc in Decision Sciences from the London School of Economics.


   Elena Drakos

Finance & Accounting

Elena's company, Fiducicorp, is responsible for Neuchatel's year-end financial statements and she has been with Neuchatel Ltd since its inception. Elena's fascination with blockchain ecosystem made it an easy choice for her to join SPECTRE's board in 2016. She has been responsible for SPECTRE's accounting, financial planning and analysis functions. Elena is a member of the ICAEW and an associate chartered accountant (ACA). She previously worked at KPMG London and holds a Bachelors degree in law from Kings College, London.


Jai Sankar  

Chief Technology Officer

Jai is responsible for shaping SPECTRE's long-term technology vision and is involved on all technical levels of the company - Solidity contracts, DApp development and overall architecture. Jai is a Microsoft, PMP and PMI-ACP certified professional and prior to joining Neuchatel Ltd, he held key technical positions with Hexaware, INSZoom, Mindtree and handled projects for Microsoft, Motorola, IBM and Franklin Templeton amongst others. Jai holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science and has over 14 years of extensive experience in enterprise systems development.


   Nikitas Goumatianos

Technical Architect

Nikitas is a retired fighter pilot, technology geek and a results-driven IT professional with 25+ years of experience in large scale IT projects. He works at all things tech at SPECTRE, specializes in Digital Options and FOREX/CFD trading systems and is passionate about the intersection of technology and finance. He holds BS from Hellenic Air-Force Academy, MSc in Computer Science (Staffordshire University, UK), MBA (NPS, CA, USA) specialized in Program and Contract Management and PhD (Aalborg University, Denmark) focusing on Machine Learning and Data Mining in Algorithmic Trading.


Oto Suvari  

Director, Research and Development

Oto worked on SPECTRE's algorithms during its 2016 development and currently works on technical performance calibration, trade type and asset backtesting. A passionate financial engineer, Oto is an early employee of Neuchatel Ltd and helps the group in all of their financial engineering projects. He studied in 21st Elite School in Tallinn and later telecommunications, radio science and electro-technology in Tallinn's School of Polytechnology. He previously worked at Microsoft as a high-tier technical assistant where he developed a passion for trading and researching the market.


     Adam Dossa

Blockchain Consultant & Auditor

Adam has over 13 years of experience in fintech coding along with extensive Solidity & Ethereum development/deployment experience, including security audits, contract development and strategy. Previously an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, Adam has spent over a decade working in financial services technology. Adam completed his Masters in Machine Learning from Columbia University, New York.


Parthasarathy Ramanujam    

Solidity Developer

Partha is a gifted technologist with 15+ years experience in application development and solution architecture. He has spent most of his career designing solutions for the Financial Services market (FX, Currency Futures, MT4 and FIX API), being the ideal background for SPECTRE's smart contract development. At SPECTRE, Partha is responsible for the architecture and development of smart contracts for the core trading engine.


   Zen Zijlstra


Zen is responsible for trader education at SPECTRE. He is a trained financial trading educator from Blue Sky Binary, an FX and digital options trading group. He is in charge of the development of SPECTRE's in-platform education content and helping clients learn how to trade. Zen is a competitive, ITF tennis player in his spare time.


Cheryl Buckingham  

Digital Marketing Manager

In this role, Cheryl oversees digital marketing, creative content development and media communications to strengthen SPECTRE's brand. Cheryl is in love with cryptocurrencies and fascinated to be a part of SPECTRE team. She is educated at The University of Plymouth, UK, where she graduated in BA (hons) Media and Marketing.


   Menelaos Scouloudis


Menelaos, an undergraduate from MIT and MBA from Harvard, serves as the group's exchange listing and crisis-management advisor. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Velti, a major mobile-advertising operator. He and his management team took Velti public on the New York Exchange shortly after which it reached a billion-dollar-plus market valuation. He was instrumental in advising the group on its restructuring and subsequent delisting and part-sale to Blackstone Group. Previously he was an associate at McKinsey in New York.


Sascha Berresch  


Sascha, a CPA and CFA, serves as the group's M&A and general strategy board advisor. He is currently the Co-Head of the Institutional Department and Head of Institutional Research at Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG, one of Germany's leading investment and private banks. In 2009, Mr. Berresch founded Hauck & Aufhäuser Institutional Research AG. Prior to this, he served at JP Morgan Chase/Cazenove as an analyst. Mr. Berresch began his career in 2001 as an adviser in the corporate finance division at PwC.


   Scott Driscoll


Scott, an engineer from Georgia Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University, USA has a unique blend of expertise and experience in two emerging technologies: Blockchain and Virtual Reality. He serves as the group's blockchain and virtual-reality-in-trading advisor. His educational videos on bitcoin and blockchain have been seen millions of times and are often recommended as best-in-class explanations. Scott is also the lead Virtual Reality developer at Foundry 45, where he manages the development of VR applications for enterprise.




Issac, CEO and COO of KRtoken, one of Korea's most prominent blockchain advisory and marketing groups, is's Korean and wider Asian market strategy advisor. Previously working closely with several Prime FX brokerages, his expertise in traditional financial markets brings immense value to the company. Ever since he developed a profound interest in blockchain, he has been an investor and advisor to numerous token projects. A seasoned professional with a vision in the market of crypto assets, Issac has deep understanding and influence in Korean crypto market, thereby providing top-notch consultations to various clients. Major ICO projects that are clients of KRToken include PayPie, BitIndia and others.




Tony Le is Co-founder and Director of Marketing at Block Discover, one of the leading authority hubs on blockchain research and ICO strategic advisory. He is an investor, advisor and early adopter in the blockchain space with expertise specialising in crypto asset investments specifically Initial Coin Offerings and the launches themselves. Tony cohesively combines over 10+ years of digital marketing experience to provide an innovative, invaluable perspective in this fast moving industry to aid companies to achieve maximum exposure for their ICO. He is also a head representative for a consortium of private crypto assets investors and formerly the head of research and analysis at BlockVentures Capital (USA).

SPECTRE Trading Platform

SPECTRE isn't a concept, it's a live trading platform ready for you to enter and try out. Feel free to engage with the active community of fellow SPECTRE traders while you're logged in. Enter below and try out its ground-breaking features! (note: this is the public beta with Ethereum mainnet integration scheduled for March 2018).